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Pest Control by Har Ghar Sewa

Pest control is not a popular topic of interest and yet, it is part of everyone’s property maintenance list. For centuries pest removal has been a serious concern for people. Actually, it became a part of our lives since we first started growing crops as a way of survival.
Through the centuries pest removal has evolved into several types of pest control which have all proved to be effective in their own way. Nowadays, pests reach beyond crops and attack food, furniture, carpets and use people as a food source, as well.

Knowing what you’re up against will help you choose the best removal method. We’ll give you a simple example. Property owners often confuse dust mites with bedbugs and use the wrong method for elimination. In both cases of infestation, people get a skin rash which is incredibly itchy and some decide to take action. So, you treat the property for the wrong pest -bedbugs. The removal attempt is not successful, the rash becomes more serious and the infestation becomes severe. To prevent this you should know what exactly bit you or caused the rash on your skin.

Pest control services help in eliminating the irritants from our homes, offices or any closed space that we spend our time in. Once pests are removed, pest control services also help in stopping the problem from recurring. Before you hire an expert from the many pest control companies available in India, you may have tried the home remedies and the market bought pesticides. However, they are not as effective for specific pest infestations. Moreover, you may lack the expertise and the time to do it yourself. Har Ghar Sewa gives you many options and ensures that we pest control methods that are safe for you and your family.

In order to make the right decision, we need to be well-informed. Most people think pest control is just about spraying chemicals around your house to get rid of insects and unwanted guests. However, all madness has its methods, so we Har Ghar Sewa put together a quick and easy guide on the types of pest control, and their advantages.

Termites Control
Termites with colonies in close proximity to houses can extend their galleries underground and make mud tubes to enter homes. The insects keep out of sight and chew their way through structural and decorative timbers, leaving the surface layers intact, as well as through cardboard, plastic and insulation materials. Their presence may become apparent when winged insects appear and swarm in the home in spring. Control and extermination is a professional job involving trying to exclude the insects from the building and trying to kill those already present. Soil-applied liquid termiticides provide a chemical barrier that prevents termites from entering buildings, and lethal baits can be used; these are eaten by foraging insects, and carried back to the nest and shared with other members of the colony, which goes into slow decline.
We use the barrier method to control Termite by using Germany Chemical Premise and we also guaranteed our work upto 2 year Warranty.

Bed Bugs Control
Some people call the Bed Bug a "vampire" because it feeds off of warm blooded animals including humans. Bed bugs have a flat oval shaped body where their color is determined by what they fed on last. Bed bugs thrive in or near mattresses, beds, bed frames, beneath floor coverings and really almost anywhere that they can obtain access to blood. Har Ghar Sewa control bed bug by spray using chemical in it And effect of spray last for 6-7 months and we also offer 6 months warranty for bed bug service.

General Pest Control
In this service, there may be gel baiting is done to control infestation for longer periods. A residual spray is used to reduce infestation immediately. The treatment is carried out by government-permitted chemicals and remains effective for lizards, mosquitoes, houseflies, silverfish, cockroaches, ants and spiders. It lasts up to 3-4 months and Har Ghar Sewa also gives 3 months warranty in GPC Services.

Why Har Ghar Sewa - Pest Control Service?
We offer city’s best Pest Control Service team for maximum satisfaction of our customers at best possible rates. You get professional and experienced staff to provide you the service. To ensure that there are no frauds, our service providers will have an i-card of Har Ghar Sewa and a standard tool kit with them.

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Great service !! Great boys !! Boys were courteous and did a good job. I will suggest to more for pest control from Har Ghar Sewa.

Anamika, Dwarka

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Have done professionally and perfect and analysed every corner. Reliable and excellent Har Ghar Sewa termite control service.

Pawan, paschim vihar

har ghar sewa testimonial

It was a good deal with Har Ghar Sewa. Hoping to see more dead cockroaches and no more ants and other wall insects. Appreciate all the support received so far. Thank you.

Amit, Rohini Sec 8

har ghar sewa testimonial

It was a very good service provider and professionally handled by Har Ghar Sewa. The technician was well equipped and trained. He checked out every corner and did all the possible things for further mosquito prevention.

Deepak, mangolpuri

har ghar sewa testimonial

Good and punctual service. Had recently moved into new home. Required Termite control service. Work completed as discussed. Thanks Har Ghar Sewa.

Maninder, Rani bagh

har ghar sewa testimonial

Ant control service by Har Ghar Sewa profssionals in very less amount of time at affordable prices, feels good with their service. Thanks.

Devender, pitampura